University of Washington Spring Conference 2011

Conference Information:
Location: University of Washington, Denny Hall
Date: May 14, 2011

Head Delegates:
Neil Rotta (President)
Olivier Fontonelle

Positions Represented by UW-MUN:

United States National Security Cabinet:
President- Alex Bezovics
Secretary of State- Cynthia Park
Secretary of Defense- Justin Clements
Director of the Office of Management and Budget: Francois Mace
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Edward Ko
Chairman of the Joint Special Operations Command: Kon Petrov
Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs: Peony Lui

Islamic Republic of Iran:
President: Eric Neunaber
Vice President and Head of Atomic Energy Organization: Chae Cho
Minister of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics: Olivier Fontenelle
Minister of Economy and Financial Affairs: Catherin Bugayong
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Carl Coppernoll- Houston
Minister of Intelligence:Sherrie Hsu
Minister of Energy: Joshua Gregory
Minister of Petroleum: Sanghwa Lee

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
Prime Minister/ King: Shaun Callahan
Deputy Prime Minister/ Crown Prince: Lauren Pace
Head of General Intelligence Presidency: Sunny Bae
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Andrew Kuhn
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources: Alice Lau
Minister of Finance:Andrew Sheen
Minister of the Interior: Lexi Amel
Deputy of Commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard: Sara Sekine

Opposition Coalition:
Chairman of the Council- Negheen Kamkar
Deputy of Chairman and Spokesman- Aaron Lerner
Foreign Affairs Specialist- Stankislau Kabacheuski
Military Affairs Specialist- Nikolai Zapertov
Finance Specialist- Alexandra Dolk
Saudi Shiite Movement- Aziza Goyushzade
Committee of the Defense of Legitimate Rights: Hyeonsik Moon

Awards Received by UW-MUN:

United States:
Best Delegate: Alex Bezovics
Best Diplomat: Cynthia Park

Islamic Republic of Iran:
Best Delegate: Eric Neunaber
Best Diplomat: Olivier Fontonelle

Saudi Arabia:
Best Delegate: Lauren Pace
Best Diplomat: Sunny Bae

Opposition Coalition:
Best Delegate: Alexandra Dolk