Organization of UW-MUN:

This page acts as an information source for how UW-MUN is organized, including a summary of our structure as well as a source for our governing documents and other reports. 

Summary of UW-MUN Structure:

UW-MUN is led by our Officers, which consist of a President, four Directors, an Advisor, Head Delegates (HDs) and Secretaries-General (SGs). The President, Directors and Advisor (non-voting) are the Primary Officers of the organization. General decisions of the Organization are made by the Primary Officers, though some decisions (most notably elections of officers and decisions of conferences to attend/facilitate) are made by the organization's membership and some (including appointment of temporary subsidiary positions, certification of elections, etc.) are reserved exclusively for the President. Head Delegates and Secretaries-General are responsible for ensuring the attendance and facilitation, respectively, of conferences by the organization, subject to the direction of the Officers, and report to the President. Decisions of the Officers related to conferences include the input and vote of the conferences' respective Head Delegate(s) and/or Secretary-General.

UW-MUN is governed first by applicable State, Federal and International Law, followed by our Articles of Incorporation, then our organization's Constitution and our By-Laws. Our activities while acting as a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at the University of Washington are also subject to University rules and regulations, including the RSO Handbook and other documentation as directed by the UW's Student Activities Office. Most commonly, however, our organizational governance is subject to the text of our Constitution and By-Laws; these documents will give a fairly complete view of how UW-MUN operates.

Governing Documents

Constitution (current copy)
(This document is listed as our "by-laws" for purposes of registration as a non-profit with the State of Washington.)

By-Laws (current copy)

Articles of Incorporation
 (current copy)
(This document is currently filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Washington, where UW-MUN is registered as a State Non-Profit Corporation.)

Terms & Conditions (code of conduct)

Officers Motions Document

(This document is a compilation of officer motions taken from Officer Meeting Minutes.)
Current Organizational Records

Member Seniority List

Past Years' Organizational Records

Officer Meeting Minutes, 2011-2012

Officer Meeting Minutes, 2010-2011

General Meeting Minutes 2011-2012

General Meeting Minutes, 2010-2011

Officer Meeting Minutes, 2009-2010

General Meeting Minutes, 2009-2010

Financial Reports, 2009-2010
Other Documents

Newsletters 2013-2014

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