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Director of Member Relations - Dario Nanbu

As I enter my 6th year of collegiate MUN, I have the honor of being UW-MUN’s Advisor for this year. I have been to 23 conferences, of which I have staffed 8, and I have been HD for 3; this is the experience I bring as a dinosaur of the 2007 generation of UW-MUN. I am also WASMUN SG for this year. MUN has been an unorthodox but impressively effective learning experience for me, and I have improved upon both my public speaking skills and my substantive knowledge of foreign affairs. I see MUN as a key component of my experience at UW, and I hope that current and future members will derive plenty of value from their time in UW-MUN.

Outside of MUN I am a senior in Polisci/Political Econ graduating in Fall 2013. I’ve taken most of the simulation classes offered by the Polisci and Jackson schools, so if you’re interested in taking more hands-on policy classes, I’d be more than happy to share what I’ve taken (most of which I have found to be best classes I’ve taken here at UW). I also love cooking, bartending, and eating out at restaurants so for better or for worse, I’ve always got something to say about food and drink and I’m more than happy to offer recommendations. I currently also work at HFS and at The Daily (photographer). Finally, I hope to be able to be a resource for both officers and the general club members, so if you have any questions about MUN or would like advice in general, I’ll try my best to share what I have in experience and knowledge.