Model United Nations programs at the University of Washington date back nearly to the founding of the United Nations itself, and have undergone numerous incarnations in the intervening years. The most recent version was in the form of three separate organizations in the early 2000s: MUN Traveling Delegations (which attended collegiate conferences), Washington State Model United Nations (WASMUN), which facilitates an annual high school conference, and Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN), which facilitated an annual collegiate conference. By 2006, MUN Traveling Delegations had disbanded and NWMUN was in the process of disbanding. WASMUN continued, however, and still exists as a separate organization. (You can find info on WASMUN here.)

In late 2005, Model United Nations at the University of Washington was founded (as Model United Nations Traveling Delegations at the University of Washington) by Sameer Kanal, a transfer student from Clark College, along with a group of students that would form the first set of officers of UW-MUN. The 2005-2006 academic year of UW-MUN began in earnest in April and was spent forming the organization, drafting the Constitution and planning for the next year.

The 2006-2007 year began with attendance of the team's first conference, Clark College's CCMUNC 2006. Of the 11 attendees from UW-MUN, 3 served as staff and 2 won awards. Two months later, four of the eight UW-MUN attendees won awards at the University of British Columbia's UBCMUN 2007, and a month after that, the eleven attendees at Seattle University's SUMUN 2007 won four more awards. The year was capped by the team being awarded as a Distinguished Delegation, along with having two members serve as Directors, at National Model United Nations in New York, the most prestigious MUN conference in the world. In addition, UW-MUN was selected in its first year by its counterpart organizations at other schools around the Northwest to host a conference the following year, an unprecedented honor. It was at this time that Northwest Model United Nations became a part of UW-MUN and the organization changed its name to the present "Model United Nations at the University of Washington. (You can find more info on NWMUN here.)

The 2007-2008 year began with attendance and facilitation of the first NWMUN under new management; the 2007 NWMUN conference was at the time the largest locally-run MUN conference ever in the Northwest (a record later broken by NWMUN 2008). Next, UW-MUN attended American West MUN in Las Vegas, and won two more awards to join the three from NWMUN. At UBCMUN 2008, the team won an incredible seven awards - and another team award - with only twelve attendees, and followed it with four awards and two staff positions at Oregon State University's OSUMUN. At National MUN 2008, four members won individual awards and two served on the staff, and once again UW-MUN was recognized as a Distinguished Delegation at America's largest conference. The year ended with one more award as four members attended Western Washington University's WMUN 2008. Also, our team was chosen to run a conference by its Northwest peers for a second straight year, recognizing both the success of NWMUN 2007 and the potential for NWMUN 2008.

The 2008-2009 year began with the first transition of leadership, with Adam de la Cruz elected as UW-MUN's second President. The second NWMUN conference facilitated by UW-MUN broke the attendance record set by the previous year's NWMUN, and UW-MUN's delegation to NWMUN won five awards as well. Next, UW-MUN attended UBCMUN in British Columbia in January 2009, winning seven awards, continuing its excellent performance and recognition of this by its fellow schools and the conferences they attend. Western Washington University's MUN team ran a One-Day simulation in February, at which UW-MUN picked up another individual award, and later that quarter the team followed that with one staff position, three individual awards, and recognition as the Outstanding Delegation at Willamette's WUMUN. At National MUN 2009, two members served on staff, and UW-MUN was recognized as a Distinguished Delegation at Nationals for an incredible third straight year. The year's last conference was Western's Spring One-Day, where two members served on staff and two more picked up awards. Finally, our team was the first ever chosen by fellow schools in the Northwest to host a conference for a third-year in a row, a testament to the success of NWMUN 2007 and 2008.

The 2009-2010 year began under the leadership of Christopher Esh, UW-MUN's third President. Model United Nations at the University of Washington continued its tradition of excellence with the Nationals team winning both the Outstanding Position Papers Award and the Outstanding Delegation Award at NMUN NY 2010. Neil Rotta, Shima Houshyar, Devon Cook and Emily Elijah were elected as the other officers of the organization.

As of June 2009, UW-MUN has won 51 individual awards and been recognized as a team 3 times. Additionally, UW-MUN has been chosen to run (and provide the majority of staff) two inter-collegiate conferences, NWMUN 2007 and 2008. Finally, other conferences have recognized our members' abilities as staff by choosing a member to staff at their conferences 14 times. It is a testament both to the strength of our organization and the abilities of the members that have come through it that UW-MUN has been so successful, and the leadership of the organization past and present cannot express enough its thanks to all the amazing students that have been members of Model United Nations at the University of Washington. Thank you.