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All payments are to be made to the current Director of Operations (Milica Milovanovic) unless otherwise stated. Email if you have any questions.


Except for special circumstances where there was a discussion with the current Director of Operations and/or the President, payments need to be made before delegates are put onto the country matrix, either a week before or the day of country selections. If the payment cannot be made at that time but you are sure you will pay before the conference itself, you can be put on a list of people that will attend but could not yet pay. Further, before you pay you will be asked to review and agree to the code of conduct.

Payment methods: 

All methods can be combined with each other. For example, you may pay for a $100 conference with $30 in cash and $72.10 ($70 + 3% transaction fee) by square
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Square Reader payments
    • This is an in-person transaction, often taking place right before country selections. We can accept any debit or credit cards, but there is a 3% transaction fee that you will be made aware of before payment. If a card needs to be manually charged (typing the card information into the app rather than swiping a card), the transaction fee will be 3.75% and an additional $0.15 due to extra fees from Square.
    • This is a new payment method that we will be trying for the first time for the 2015-2016 school year. If you sign up for this app, intended for paying friends back, you could also pay us for conferences, just as you would with any friend. You can type in UW-MUN (or click here) when searching and find us. 
  • Member Credit
    • At UW-MUN, we have something called member credit. Member credit is used to pay for UW-MUN charges, such as paying for conferences, parties, or merchandise. In order to earn member credit, you can attend fundraising events and receive a cut of the profits earned from the event, or you may have money placed in member credit as a form of reimbursement.

Special Circumstances 

If you find it difficult to pay for a conference, but you are still interested in attending, UW-MUN has a scholarship fund specifically created to make sure as many students as possible are able to attend conferences. If you apply for a scholarship, explaining your situation and how much you need to attend, you will be put into consideration along with other applicants to be granted a sum of money to attend. Unfortunately, we are not financially able to give all students who apply the entire cost of attendance, but we will do our best to offer as many students the best possible amount. Our goal is to get as many students as possible to attend, and we hope to help many of you.

UW-MUN also offers payment plans to those who can pay for a conference but are still highly interested in attending. This payment plan will require that you first pay an initial amount to be put on the matrix, with this initial amount usually being the delegate fee charged by the conference, and an agreement signed by the delegate and the Director of Operations or the President that outlines how much, when, and how the rest of the payment will be made. If the rest of the payment is not made, the delegate cannot attend the conference (and possibly future conferences or parties as well) and will not be able to buy merchandise from UW-MUN. Money can be removed from the individual's member credit to cover the missing amount. A refund of the amount already paid cannot be issued. Click here to see the kind of agreement that would be made. If you wish to have a payment plan, please contact the Director of Operations  by email, in person, or Facebook.

To apply for a scholarship, simply fill out the scholarship application and the officer core will review it. The criteria by which the application will be reviewed may include:
  • A good track record at conferences, such as reasonable attendance and payment
  • The candidate's interest in attending the conference
    • New members obviously will not have any conference history, but that will not hurt any application you make. We are always looking to introduce new people to Model United Nations after all!

If you have paid for the conference but are unable to attend due to no fault of your own, we are able to issue a reimbursement if you inform us about your situation before the date of said conference. You can also be reimbursed for gas if you were driving to a conference. This reimbursement may come in the form of money being placed in member credit, and it will not include the transaction fees.

Non-Conference Charges

We often have social events, such as activities and celebrations, in UW-MUN. These activities, if run by UW-MUN, can be paid in the same ways that conferences are paid for. Usually there is a discount for people paying before the event, with a larger cost for people paying at the door. If we are attending an activity not run by UW-MUN, payments are to be made as if we are just a group of friends attending an event and not to the members of this club.

To pay for UW-MUN merchandise, sometimes referred to as “swag”, payments must be paid to the current Director of Operations or the Director of Public Relations just as they would be for conferences. Orders are to be made out to the current Public Relations Officer (Cynthia Hannon).