The Dais and How To Interact With Them

Part IV b. The Dais and How To Interact With Them

The dais is the group of people that will be moderating the progression of your committee on the topics at hand and will usually consist of a Director, Assistant Director, and Chair. Each member of the dais will have his or her own style of moderating so you should pay close attention to how your dais prefers you to go about common committee actions. However, there are some common guidelines to follow, regardless of your committee:
Be respectful to your dais.
Do not go behind the dais’ table because they may be working on disclosed material.
If you wish to communicate with the dais during formal session, send a written or electronic note (depending on the conference) addressed to the dais with your delegation name on it.
If you need to speak to the dais immediately, raise your placard to make a point of order, point of information, etc.
Don’t hesitate to approach your dais with questions during suspensions of the meeting.
Attempt to know the rules of your committee.

If you have any specific issues regarding your dais, let your Head Delegate(s) know and they will do their best to get it resolved!