The Art of Negotiation

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Part V a. The Art of Negotiation

Ah, the art of negotiation. Books have been written on this topic due to its prevalence in society today. In the Model UN setting, there are a few ways to help get you what you want from others.

Don’t ask for too much straight away. Start with something reasonable and as you continue to work with the same delegations, you will build trust and more easily acquire the difficult things.
Don’t disagree with someone even when you have different beliefs. Hear their point and say something along the lines of “I see what you mean about ___, but here is another idea about ___. How do you feel about that?”
If you have support behind your ideas, others will more easily accept it. If you need people to support your ideas try speaking with delegations that are not as involved in committee. 
Don’t hesitate to think over your options if someone comes to you with an idea. It is normal to say that you will get back to that person after thinking it over.

Overall, negotiation really boils down to your personal style in committee. Use your strengths where you can and try to have fun in the process!

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