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Part V c. Setting The Agenda

Setting the agenda to one that is favorable to your delegation’s position can be one of the more important tasks over the coarse of the conference. Although you should be prepared to discuss each of the topics, your delegation will inevitably hold a stronger stance on particular issues. 

Prior to the conference, think about what topics you would like to be discussed first and think of reasons to convince other delegations that these are the most important topics to be discussed. It might be a good idea to jot down some of these persuasive points on a notecard so that you do not forget them.

Discussion of the agenda will likely begin prior to the conference beginning. Try to get a feel for what topics delegations would like to discuss. The first suspension of the conference is where the real discussion and debate will begin. 

Gather as much support for your topic agenda as you can. Some delegates might be more easily persuaded to your agenda position than others, so make sure your selling points are short and to the point. Don’t spend too much time on a single delegation.

If the agenda is set in your delegation’s favor, consider being a leading figure on draft resolution writing! 

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