At The Conference - Committee Sessions

Part IV. At The Conference - Committee Sessions

While team leadership has a lot of preparation to do prior to the conference, an individual member of an MUN team who will be attending the conference has three major steps to take in order to prepare for the conference.

Committee sessions proceed through a variety of phases, which we cover in our Start-To-Finish Overview (Part IVa).
Committee sessions are facilitated by conference staff members, known collectively as the dais. (This is Part IVb.)
The formal session is governed by rules of procedure - knowing these will help a lot. (This is Part IVc.)
To outline their policy formally and publicly, countries give formal speeches in session. (This is Part IVd.)
Most of the work of negotiation, compromise and consensus-building is done in breaks from formal session, which are known as caucuses. (These are in Part IVe.)
The output of a committee - in other words, what each committee is trying to create during a conference - is a resolution, which we cover how to write in our Resolution Writing section. (Part IVf.)
And finally, in order for a resolution to take effect, it  must be passed during Voting Bloc. (This is Part IVg.)