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MUN Guide written by one of our members, Alvin Loong. 

 Model United Nations:

IIntroduction - What is Model United Nations?

IIWhat will I be doing?

IIIBefore the Conferences

   a. Country and Committee Assignments

   b. Research

   c. Position Papers

IVAt the Conference - Committee Sessions

   a. A Start-To-Finish Overview of Committee Sessions

   b. The Dais and How To Interact With Them

   c. Rules of Procedure and How To Use Them

   d. Formal Speeches

   e. (Unmoderated) Caucuses

   f. Resolution Writing

   g. Voting Bloc

V. The Little Things (that will take you from good to great)

   a. The Art of Negotiation

   b. Setting The Agenda - Process and Strategy

   c. Short Speeches / Comments

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Model United Nations section above adapted with permission from the NWCA MUN Tutorial.