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VPMUN 2013

Vancouver-Portland Model United Nations (VPMUN) 2013

Dates: February 9th-10th
Location: Clark College, Vancouver, Washington


General Assembly:
Best Position Paper - Holland Crook (Canada)

Best Position Paper - Tori Bishop (Mexico)

Security Council:
Best Position Paper - Cynthia Park (Russia)
Outstanding Delegate - Rebekah Traficante 

Countries represented by UW-MUN:

 Security Council (SC)
Cynthia Park - Russia
Dusty Wight - Republic of Korea
 General Assembly (GA)

 Devon O'Neill - Turkey
Rebekah Traficante - Republic of Korea
Julian Nguyen - Greece
Mohammad Al-Hajri - Iran
Kendra Shine - Sweden
Tyler Boonstra - India
Olivier Fontenelle - Mexico
Ariella Fish - Netherlands
Holland Crook - Canada
 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

 Erik Romanin - Russia
Molly Zhang - Brazil
Patrick Mullen - Turkey
Tharin Sethi (Syd) - Republic of Korea
Cissi Wang - Sweden
Adi Sarosa - India
Najat Khidir - Netherlands
Carl Coppernoll-Houston - South Africa
Tori Bishop - Mexico
Hilary Waite - Austria
Steve Xu - Canada

UW-MUN on staff:

Dario Nanbu - Director of the General Assembly
Athen Nguyen - Chair of the General Assembly
Cynthia Wong - Director of ECOSOC
Aria Nikkhoui - Assistant Director of ECOSOC
Doug Siegel - Assistant Director for Simulations

For more photos, go here.
Photos courtesy of Dario Nanbu.