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University of British Columbia from January 10-11, 2014 at the Marriott Pinnacle Hotel, Vancouver
Ellie and Carl getting serious in the SC. 
Aria, club president, making sure that everyone is still alive.
Douglas Siegel, the IPC lone wolf, having a great day.

For more pictures visit the UBCMUN facebook page.

Also see Alvin Loong, Athen Nguyen, and Dario Nanbu on facebook for access to exclusive UW-MUN pictures.

Thank you to UBC for hosting such an enjoyable conference and to UW-MUN delegates for representing the University of Washington!
Head delegates: 
Alvin Loong, Julian Hannush, and Aria Nikkhoui
       UW-MUN HDs accepting the "Best Delegation" award.

Individual Awards:
GA1: Best Position Paper - Athen N (Luxembourg) and Honorable Mention - Sarah H (Iran)
WHO: Best Delegate - McKenna D (Iran), Honorable Mention - Julian C (China), Best Positon Paper - Lisa B (Australia)
ECOSOC: Honorable Mention - Cissi W (China)
CSW: Best Positon Paper - Tori B (Iran)
SC: Honorable Mention and Best Position Paper - Ellie C (Republic of Korea)
UW-MUN staffing at UBC: