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Simon Fraser University MUN 2011

Conference Information:
Simon Frasier University MUN (SFUMUN)
Dates: February 11-13, 2011
Location: Simon Frasier University at the Harbour Centre, Vancouver, BC

Head Delegates  
Neil Rotta [President]
Eric Neunaber

Countries and Committees Represented by UW-MUN 

Historical Committee, General Assembly May 1, 1947:
Dominion Canada- Lexi Amel
Kuomintang China- Eric Neunaber
Republic of Iran- Alice Lau
United States- Benjamin Bomber

General Assembly
Bolivia- Carl Taylor
Indonesia- Hyo Sun Bae
Sweden- Jasmine Yeh

World Trade Organization 
Brazil- Lyndsay Gordon
Saudi Arabia- Neil Rotta

Security Council
India- Matthew FitzGerald
Israel- Rebekah Traficante
Nigeria- Shaw Horton


Historical Committee:

Honorable Mention- Ben Bomber, United States
Most Diplomatic- Eric Neunaber, Kuomintang China 

Outstanding Delegate- Lyndsay Gordon, Brazil 

Honorable Mention- Jasmine Yeh, Sweden 

Honorable Mention- Matthew FitzGerald, India 
Honorable Mention- Rebekah Traficante, Israel
Outstanding Delegate- Shaw Horton, Nigeria