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Northwest Model UN (NWMUN) 2009

(Note: For information on the facilitation of NWMUN / NWMUN Secretariat rather than the UW-MUN team that attended NWMUN as participants, please visit the NWMUN 2009 website:

Conference Information
Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN)
Dates: November 13 - 15, 2009
Location: Hotel Deca (U-District, Seattle, WA)

Head Delegates
Chris Esh [President]
Kelly Miller
Laura Nelson

Countries Represented by UW-MUN
Afghanistan, General Assembly Fourth - Chelsea Anderson
Australia, Commission on Sustainable Development - Ashton Kidd
Austria, General Assembly Fourth - Riley Hageman
Austria, Security Council - Alex Bezovics
Austria, Reformed Security Council - Dario Nanbu
Croatia, General Assembly Fourth - Paige Edmiston
Croatia, Commission on Sustainable Development - Lyndsay Gordon
Croatia, Commission on the Status of Women - Alisa Tonge
Croatia, Security Council - Shima Houshyar
Croatia, Reformed Security Council - Harris Hoffman
Dominican Republic, General Assembly Fourth - David La Boon
Dominican Republic, Reformed Security Council - Neil Rotta
Ethiopia, General Assembly Fourth - Matthew Fitzgerald
Ethiopia, Commission on Sustainable Development - Emily Elijah
Eritrea, Commission on Sustainable Development - Jamie Tamura
Eritrea, Commission on the Status of Women - Maneezeh Lotia
Gabon, General Assembly Fourth - Christopher Esh
Gabon, Commission on Sustainable Development - Mohammad Mufti
Gabon, Commission on the Status of Women - Rachel Annis
Guatemala, General Assembly Fourth - Crystal Anguay
Namibia, Commission on Sustainable Development - Alexandra Dolk
Namibia, Commission on the Status of Women - Lauren Pace
Norway, General Assembly Fourth - Eva Gjekmarkaj
Palestine, General Assembly Fourth - Negheen Kamkar
Paraguay, Commission on the Status of Women - Egnis Gjekmarkaj
Poland, General Assembly Fourth - Aaron Lerner
Poland, Commission on the Status of Women - Sarah Lee
Republic of Korea, General Assembly Fourth - Christy Lee
Republic of Korea, Commission on the Status of Women - Maria Aparicio
Rwanda, General Assembly Fourth - Laura Nelson
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, General Assembly Fourth - Robby Franceschini
Singapore, General Assembly Fourth - Justin Clements
Singapore, Reformed Security Council - Lucas Simons
Sweden, General Assembly Fourth - Kayla Hornbrook
Sweden, Commission on Sustainable Development - Jasmine Yeh
Sweden, Commission on the Status of Women - Aimee Furrie
Tanzania, Commission on the Status of Women - Kelly Miller
Venezuela, General Assembly Fourth - Alison Tong

Outstanding Delegate - Alex Bezovics [Austria - SC]
Distinguished Delegate - Negheen Kamkar [Palestine - GA]
Distinguished Delegate - Crystal Anguay [Guatemala - GA]
Distinguished Delegate - Matthew Fitzgerald [Ethiopia - GA]
Distinguished Delegate - Aimee Furrie [Sweden - CSW]
Distinguished Delegate - Jasmine Yeh [Sweden - CSD]