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Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN) 2007

(Note: For information on the facilitation of NWMUN / NWMUN Secretariat rather than the UW-MUN team that attended NWMUN as participants, please visit the NWMUN website:

Conference Information
Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN)
Dates: November 9 - 11, 2007
Location: Holiday Inn Seatac, Seatac, WA

Head Delegates
Sameer Kanal [President]
Dario Nanbu

UW-MUN Delegates and Countries
Denmark, General Assembly Plenary - Greg Badger
Denmark, Economic and Social Council - Mikhail Smirnov
Finland, General Assembly Plenary - Kelton Hungate
Ghana, AU Peace & Security Council - Dario Nanbu
Ghana, General Assembly Plenary - Kamil Jachec
Iceland, General Assembly Plenary - Kiana Oskooii
Paraguay, General Assembly Plenary - Stephanie Kinion
Peru, Security Council - Nicholas Carlson
Peru, General Assembly Plenary - Heather Deardorff
Saudi Arabia, Economic and Social Council - Neil Rotta
Thailand, General Assembly Plenary - Dash Tevis
Thailand, Economic and Social Council - Alan Ridwan

Outstanding Delegate - Kamil Jachec [ Ghana - GA Plenary ]
Distinguished Delegate - Mikhail Smirnov [ Denmark - ECOSOC ]
Distinguished Delegate - Stephanie Kinion [ Paraguay - GA Plenary ]