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Northwest Model UN (NWMUN) 2010

(Note: For information on the facilitation of NWMUN / NWMUN Secretariat rather than the UW-MUN team that attended NWMUN as participants, please visit the NWMUN 2010 website:

Conference Information
Northwest Model United Nations (NWMUN)
Dates: November 12 - 14, 2010
Location: Hotel Deca (U-District, Seattle, WA)

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Head Delegates
Neil Rotta [President] 
Lauren Pace
Riley Hageman                

Countries Represented by UW-MUN
Argentina, General Assembly - Appy Ayyagari
Argentina, Human Rights Council - Susie Dobkins
Bahrain, General Assembly - Sara Sekine
Bahrain, Human Rights Council - Nicolas Gromotka
Cameroon, General Assembly - Leif Warren
Cameroon, Economic and Social Council - Isaiah Billingsley
Cameroon, Human Rights Council - Hyosun Bae
Republic of the Congo, General Assembly - Hilary Waite
Fiji, General Assembly - Riley Hageman
Guinea-Bissau, General Assembly - Nicole Schreiver
Guinea-Bissau, Economic and Social Council - Mohammed Mufti
Hungary, General Assembly - Eva Gjekmarkaj
Hungary, Human Rights Council - Scott Brown
Iraq, General Assembly - Patrick Mullen
Iraq, Economic and Social Council - Samuel Yohannes
Ireland, General Assembly - Alice Lau
Kyrgyzstan, General Assembly - Cynthia Park
Lebanon, Reformed Security Council - Shaw Horton
Malta, General Assembly - Genevieve Bienvenue
Malta, Economic and Social Council - Tori Bishop
Mexico, General Assembly - Shaw Horton
Mexico, Human Rights Council - Cynthia Wong
Mexico, Security Council - Deirdre Smith
Mexico, Reformed Security Council - Lyndsay Gordon / Shaw Horton
Mozambique, General Assembly - Alexandra Dolk
Mozambique, Economic and Social Council - Lauren Pace
Netherlands, General Assembly - Jasmine Yeh
Netherlands, Human Rights Council - Shaun Callahan
Pakistan, General Assembly - Olivier Fontenelle
Pakistan, Economic and Social Council - Edward Ko
Pakistan, Human Rights Council - Dennis Smirnov
Rwanda, Economic and Social Council - Ryan Markert
St. Vincent and the Grenadines, General Assembly - Eric N
South Africa, General Assembly - Neil Rotta
South Africa, Human Rights Council - Ben Bomber
Spain, General Assembly - Sophie Hau
Thailand, General Assembly - Justin Clements
Turkey, General Assembly - Rebekah Traficante
Turkey, Economic and Social Council - Conor McLean
Turkey, Security Council - Matthew Fitzgerald
Turkey, Reformed Security Council - Kelton Hungate

Outstanding Delegate - Matthew Fitzgerald [ Turkey - SC ]
Distinguished Delegate - Riley Hageman [ Fiji - GA ]