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National Model UN (NMUN) 2010

Conference Information
National Model United Nations (NMUN)
Dates: March 28 - April 1, 2010
Location: Sheraton New York & Towers, New York, NY

Head Delegates
Christopher Esh [President]
Jane Kim
Lyndsay Gordon

UW-MUN Delegation
UW-MUN represented Ethiopia at NMUN 2010, on the following committees:
 General Assembly Plenary
(GA Plen)
Alex Bezovics
Crystal Anguay.
 General Assembly 1st
(GA 1)
Jane Kim
Kelton Hungate
  General Assembly 2nd
(GA 2)
Christopher Esh
Neil Rotta
 General Assembly 3rd
(GA 3)
Negheen Kamkar
Alexandra Dolk
International Atomic Energy Agency
Shima Houshyar
Commission on Sustainable Development
Lyndsay Gordon
Jasmine Yeh
African Union
Em Elijah
Laura Nelson
For the fourth straight year, UW-MUN was awarded at NMUN 2010. This year, UW-MUN was awarded both Outstanding Position Papers (the highest research award) and Outstanding Delegation (the highest possible award for the conference itself)!