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National Model UN (NMUN)

Conference Information
National Model United Nations (NMUN)
Dates: April 7 - 11, 2009
Location: Marriott Marquis, New York, NY

UW-MUN Delegates and Countries
UW-MUN represented Qatar at NMUN 2009. Qatar was represented on 7 committees, each of which could have up to two delegates on it. The 2009 Nationals team was:
NMUN 2009 Head Delegates
Kelly Marie Miller
Devon Cook
 General Assembly Plenary
(GA Plen)
Shima Houshyar
Chelsea Anderson
 General Assembly 1st
(GA 1)
Adam De La Cruz
Esther Park
  General Assembly 2nd
(GA 2)
Devon Cook
Alex Bezovics
 General Assembly 3rd
(GA 3)
Kelly Marie Miller
Mohammad Mufti
World Trade Organization
Leila Mende
Sia Bartell
League of Arab States
Emily Elijah
Jane Kim
 Economic and Social
Commission for West Asia

Sherif Hanna

The UW-MUN team was awarded Distinguished Delegation for a third straight year at NMUN 2009!