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WOU MUN (MUNC Winter 2010)

Conference Information
Western Oregon University Model United Nations (MUNC Winter 2010)
Dates: February 20 - 21, 2010
Location: Werner University Center, Western Oregon University, Monmouth, OR

Head Delegates
Christopher Esh [President]
Alexandra Dolk

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UW-MUN Delegates and Countries
Belarus, United Nations Children's Fund - Ashton Kidd
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Security Council - Kelton Hungate
Cuba, General Assembly - Lyndsay Gordon
Denmark, General Assembly - Jasmine Yeh
Denmark, United Nations Children's Fund - Jane Kim
Ethiopia, General Assembly - Aimee Furrie
India, General Assembly - Lauren Pace
Indonesia, General Assembly - Anna MacDonald
Israel, General Assembly - Aaron Lerner
Italy, General Assembly - Sam Yohannes
Italy, United Nations Children's Fund - Matthew Fitzgerald
Nigeria, Security Council - Chelsea Anderson
Republic of Korea, General Assembly - Crystal Anguay
Republic of Korea, United Nations Children's Fund - Jamie Tamura
Ukraine, General Assembly - Deirdre Smith
Uruguay, General Assembly - Rachel Annis
United States, General Assembly - Rebekah Traficante
United States, Security Council - Alex Bezovics
United States, United Nations Children's Fund - Alexandra Dolk
Best Delegate - Alex Bezovics [ United States - SC ]
Best Diplomat - Chelsea Anderson [ Nigeria - SC ]
Best Delegate - Rebekah Traficante [ United States - GA ]
Best Diplomat - Aimee Furrie [ Ethiopia - GA ]
Best Delegate - Jane Kim [ Denmark - UNICEF ]