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MUN of the Far West (MUNFW) 2010

Conference Information
Model United Nations of the Far West (MUNFW)
Date: April 16 -20, 2010
Location: Hyatt Regency Airport, San Francisco, CA

Head Delegates
Christopher Esh [President]
Rebekah Traficante
Riley Hageman

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UW-MUN Delegates and Countries
New Zealand, General Assembly Plenary - Rachel Annis
New Zealand, General Assembly Fifth - Christopher Esh
New Zealand, International Atomic Energy Agency - Egnis Gjekmarkaj
New Zealand, UN Environment Programme - Crystal Anguay
Qatar, Deputy Permanent Representative - Rebekah Traficante
Qatar, General Assembly Plenary - Aaron Lerner
Qatar, General Assembly Fifth - Sam Yohannes
Qatar, International Atomic Energy Agency - Justin Clements
Qatar, UN Environment Programme - Matthew Fitzgerald
Somalia, General Assembly Plenary - Aimee Furrie
Somalia, General Assembly Fifth - Riley Hageman
Somalia, International Atomic Energy Agency - Shaun Callahan
Somalia, UN Environment Programme - Deirdre Smith

Somalia- Diplomatic Delegation Award
Qatar- Diplomatic Delegation Award