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UBC Model United Nations 2013

University of British Columbia Model United Nations 2013 
Dates: January 4-6, 2013
Location: Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites, Vancouver, BC

UBCMUN 2013 Head Delegates:
Patrick Mullen
Cynthia Wong
Tori Bishop

Awards Won by UW-MUN:

General Assembly, 1st Committee:
Best Delegate - Rebekah Traficante (Pakistan)
Honorable Mention - Cynthia Park (China)
Most Diplomatic - Jwanah Qudsi (Egypt)

General Assembly, 2nd Committee:
Best Delegate - Kayvon Behroozian

Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC:
Best Delegate - Carl Coppernoll-Houston (China)

World Health Organization, WHO:
Best Delegate - Karen Maniraho (Egypt)
Honorable Mention - Devon O'Neill (China)

Human Rights Council, HRC:
Best Delegate - Meredith Lowman (Pakistan)

Security Council (SC):
Most Diplomatic - Nicole Schreiber (Pakistan)

For more information about the actual conference (e.g. topics), please visit the official UBCMUN 2013 page.

Countries Represented by UW-MUN:

 General Assembly,
First Committee    
General Assembly,
Second Committee 

 Cynthia Park - China
Dario Nanbu - DPRK
Dennis Smirnov - Azerbaijan
Derek Lee - Chile
Meghann Butler - Bahamas
Patrick Mullen - Libya
Rebekah Traficante - Pakistan
Jwanah Qudsi - Egypt

 Cynthia Wong - DPRK
Doug Siegel - Libya
Dusty Wight - Azerbaijan
Sarah Hansen - China
Kayvon Behroozian - Pakistan
Morgan Deters - Bahamas
Sam Shugart - Chile
Kendra Shine - Egypt
Economic and Social Council
World Health Organization

 Calla Chun - Chile

Carl Coppernoll-Houston - China
Lisa Buckner - Pakistan
Shehab Heddaya - Bahamas
Bryan Gamble - Egypt

Ariella Fish - Azerbaijan
Devon O'Neill - China
Kenzie Templeton - Pakistan
Leilani Sommers - Chile
Sarah Arnegard  - Libya
Stuart Morse - DPRK
Tori Bishop - Bahamas
Karen Maniraho - Egypt 
 Human Rights Council (HRC)Security Council (SC) 

Aria Nikkhoui - Libya
Meredith Lowman - Pakistan
David Webb - Chile 

Aaron Lerner - China
Nicole Schreiber - Pakistan
Najat Khidir - Australia 

For more pictures from the conference, please go here!
Photos courtesy of Dario Nanbu.